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‘Wright Club

The Amoralists year-long playwright development program, in which 6 authors face off with their harshest critics, themselves, through guided artistic challenges and structured peer support. We are a community of playmakers bound by the principles, and strengthened in the practice, of courageous vulnerability. 

To build a community of artists, focusing primarily on writers for the theatre; To deepen authors’ understanding of their own process through production; And to broaden the theatre community's conversation about playmaking.

The first year has ended triumphantly. The second year is about to begin.


The "anti-talkback" we've all been dying for. (Photo by Russell Rowland.

The "anti-talkback" we've all been dying for. (Photo by Russell Rowland.

Attend: ‘Wright Night

‘Wright Night is the public forum of the ‘Wright Club program. At ‘Wright Night audiences witness 2 one-acts staged on their feet—not read behind music stands! After the performances, audiences sit ringside as the authors viscerally explore the work in a way never before seen. Subverting the traditional “talk back,” the 2 playwrights engage one another in a dialectic method designed to elicit dramatic, profound communication, a debate style that must be experienced to be fully understood.

Our Next 'Wright Nights will be announced soon.



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‘Wright Club 2015-16 was:

Keelay Gipson, Sander Gusinow, David Haan, Lindsay Joy, Andrew Rincón, and D. L. Siegel.

Jerrod Bogard: ‘Wright Club Program Director

Gary Jaffe: Associate ‘Wright Club Program Director

Development of 'Wright Club has been made possible by a space grant from The Alliance of Resident Theatres/New York,  our family of Rocket Hub donors, and the generous contributions of our Producers Core, a mighty circle of donors and theatre supporters. Contact 'Wright Club here.


"My year with Wright Club has made me a better writer,
and a better collaborator. The other members of 'Wright Club have
pushed me to delve deeper and take bigger risks."
-- Club Author Lindsay Joy