"Every few years, a scrappy, artistically ambitious company bursts onto the scene with a skewed but surprisingly coherent new aesthetic that displays a kind of chemistry hardly ever seen uptown. The Amoralists cements its reputation as the most promising, crowd-pleasing ensemble to emerge downtown."




“For the critics and audiences who have fallen hard for The Amoralists’ sprawling, knockabout style, the news is good. Nobody else weds old-fashioned realist structure to working-class-hero lunacy quite this way, and no other acting collective seems so raw, so heartfelt, so exuberantly extreme onstage and off.”




"The Amoralists' shows are like no other. A distinctive mix of hyper-realism, satire, brash violence and unexpected tenderness."




“One of these days, The Amoralists are going to get arrested.”




“Like good punk rock, The Amoralists come on strong; they’re hard, fast and loud.”

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“The Amoralists’ sprawling blend of empathy and anarchy has earned it a white-hot reputation among downtown tastemakers.”

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“My gut is that part of the future of American theatre rests with these guys, which is why I keep coming back to see what they’re cooking up.”

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"The Amoralists prove themselves a well-oiled killing machine."